• About Us 

    The Southwest Washington Contractors Association was founded in 1947 to strengthen businesses and foster a sense of community within the building and contracting industries in Southwest Washington. Today the SWCA is located in Vancouver, Washington and supports those working in commercial and industrial construction. The SWCA serves over 400 members, including general contractors, specialty contractors, engineers, architects, and service companies supportive of the industry.

    We provide our members with resources to gain a cutting edge in the industry. We offer a variety of face-to-face networking events, a centralized location to bid on construction projects by utilizing our Plan Center, and the latest in construction education. The SWCA is proud to provide excellent member benefits, including the SWCA 401k savings program, health insurance, and our Retrospective Rating Program

    Mission: Provide superior construction industry information services, business resources, and networking opportunities for our members. 

    Core values: Integrity, Diversity, Professionalism, Sustainability, Forward-Thinking, Community Involvement, Strength in Partnerships.  

    See highlights from 2015 in our SWCA Year in Review.

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