• Death and Taxes

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    "'Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes,"
             - The Cobbler of Preston by Christopher Bullock (1716)
    Do you like to pay taxes?
    Do you want to help organizations and people in the local community?
    The answer to the first question is probably "NO".  If the answer to the 2nd question is "YES" then keep reading.
    We've all heard the phrase "nothing is certain except death and taxes" but I'd like to call your attention that the fact that you do have a choice about where those tax dollars go. By using a variety of techniques to give money to a non-profit or charitable entity you may elect to re-direct those dollars from going to the government and instead going to a local organization that you choose.  
    One of those organizations is the SWCA Foundation. The money donated to the Foundation provides scholarships for post high school education. As members, you, your children, and employees are eligible for scholarships. This is for all member companies, not just contractors.  
    Last year the SWCA Foundation awarded $20,000 dollars in scholarships to local students to pursue additional education related to construction. This next year the SWCA would like to double scholarship awards! If you want to help the SWCA reach its goal, Pick one of the following:
    1. Attend the Holiday Party & Auction on Friday December 1st. Participate in the paddle raise to raise funds for the Foundation. 
    2. Attend the Golf Tournament or the Trap Shoot next year. These are also fundraisers for the Foundation.
    3. Write a check to the Foundation anytime before December 31st and get a tax deduction for the 2017 tax year.
    4. Set up a Donor Advised Fund and write a check to fund it this year. You would receive a tax deduction for the 2017 tax year. Choose the SWCA Foundation to give grants to this charity at any time in the future.
    5. Selling Real Estate, Stocks, or a Business and don't want to pay the capital gain tax?  Set up a charitable trust and donate the asset to the trust. The proceeds from this can then be used to donate to any number of organizations, including the SWCA Foundation.
    See it's easy!

    *This is the first article of a series focusing on planned giving... Stay tuned!*