• Executive Director's Year in Review

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    The SWCA was proud to celebrate our 70th anniversary in 2017!  A milestone of this magnitude happens in organizations that are dedicated and understand the importance of hard work, collaboration, and staying true to its core values; building a strong community.  

    It should be no surprise that Southwest Washington is an area where construction and economic development flourished in 2017. Experts in the industry report that it is expected to continue in 2018. All of this is good news, but comes with a critical challenge: a huge shortage of qualified workers. It is clear that workforce development is our biggest challenge. 

    I want to assure you that we are working hard on your behalf to find a long-term solution. We know that government entities are addressing the issue, but can’t fill the need fast enough.  To satisfy the needs of business in the short-term, the SWCA will roll out the Construction Executive Summit on February 15, 2018. The goal of the Summit is to help the industry increase efficiencies through implementation of best practices and the building of relationships with construction professionals throughout the region. As an association we are proponents of laying the groundwork for business success through equal, affordable educational opportunities. Please join us for the Summit, lets focus on preparing the industry for continued success.