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    HD Plumbing Services is located in Brush Prairie, Washington. The company covers Clark County, including: Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, La Center, Woodland, Camas, and Washougal. 

    What services does HD Plumbing Services provide?         
    At HD Plumbing Services, we tend to stick to residential and commercial small projects, though we will work on industrial projects. Typically, our work is in the neighborhood of $200 to $50,000.00 per project. We are focusing on the service, remodel, and drain cleaning for now, but we may move into new construction within the next decade.

    Please provide some history as to how HD Plumbing Services got started.       
    I began my plumbing career in March of 2005. I worked in all aspects of residential service, commercial service, and new construction. I decided it was time to open HD Plumbing Services in 2015 and since then I’ve mostly done smaller residential and commercial projects. However, last year I completed a 120-unit apartment project and am happy to have it under my belt and on my resume.

    What are HD Plumbing Service’s core values? How are those applied in everyday operations?
    1. Accountable: We have a “no excuses” mentality. We hold ourselves responsible for every situation; blaming others is not an option.
    2. Always Learning: The "old way" is NOT the only way. We work in a rapidly changing environment and are always willing to adapt to new situations. We encourage a culture where new ideas matter because we believe this improves the company’s processes and vision, while helping to make HD Plumbing Services a fun place to work!
    3. Fun/loving: We are kind, helpful, likable, loyal, transparent, and empathetic. We like to have fun. We can use humor to lighten the mood, but we also care for others!  

    What makes HD Plumbing Services stand out among other companies like it?         
    HD Plumbing Services offers a “no pressure” sales system that puts our customers in the driver’s seat. This allows customers to “buy” from us, rather than us “selling” to them. We’ve found that this puts people at ease and it ends with everyone feeling like they won. We won’t up-sell somebody and we certainly don’t “go for the close.” In fact, we never ask our customers to purchase from us, we let them make that decision on their own. We also like to keep our appearance very clean-cut, which tends to put our customers at ease when we enter their home or business.

    Are there any fun facts or quirks associated with HD Plumbing Services that you would like to share with our readers?         
    We are genuinely a nerdy bunch, which makes work FUN!

    Describe projects(s) HD Plumbing Services is proud to have completed.         
    HD Plumbing Services has completed a brand new, 120-unit, garden-style apartment complex. We have also worked on a half dozen Target restroom remodel projects, handled numerous service calls, and worked on dozens of new construction homes.

    Why did you decide to join the SWCA? How do you see us aiding in your business growth?         
    It is my intention to get HD Plumbing Services to networking events. We see the value in gaining valuable relationships to help others and hopefully help myself as well! I am a people person: I love meeting new people and asking curious questions about others’ business. It is always interesting to learn how they have navigated business issues that I too am facing. I felt like the SWCA was the perfect place to meet like-minded business owners.