• Why a Business Operating System?

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    Every company has an operating system, whether it is recognized or not. That system is simply the way a company organizes all of its human energy. It’s the way that the people in the organization meet, solve problems, lead, manage, communicate, prioritize, plan, follow processes, clarify roles, measure, and structure. 

    It’s hard to understand the OS of most companies because the leadership teams aren’t consistent in how they do the above, and often they have many different systems trying to run synchronously, which rarely works. Perhaps even more importantly, how do we know if we have the pieces in the right order, and do we know and understand them? 

    Everyone doing things their own way in an organization can’t work. If you have 40 people doing everything 40 different ways, the complexity can only lead to chaos. Employees become frustrated, confused and certainly no longer feel fulfilled and excited. Plainly, you cannot build a great company on multiple operating systems-you must choose one. 

    It’s a fact that a team of average people running their company on one operating system will outperform a team of high achievers, each doing it their own way, every day of the week. This is why your company needs a clearly stated OS that everyone follows.

    Imagine a company where everyone is on the same page with where they are going and how they’re going to get there. They are responsible and accountable, all working together toward a common goal or vision. They are all in the right place in the canoe, all 40 rowing in the same direction; cohesive, happy, and healthy. 

    Let me direct your attention to a complete, simple, and powerful operating system with a set of tools, called EOS. Why this operating system? Because it works. More than 50,000 companies all over the world run on EOS. It helps companies grow to achieve their visions and goals more effectively. It gives the employees of those companies a well-defined structure in which they can grow, feel more fulfilled in their work, and achieve their personal goals. It streamlines communication, aligns everyone and everything, and eliminates unhealthy and time-wasting activities. EOS companies become laser-focused on achieving their company vision. 

    I ran my company for 20 years without a focused operating system. I would not even consider starting another one without EOS. When I discovered the book “Traction” written by Gino Wickman it became my “aha” moment. I realized for the first time I had found a complete and clear blueprint for running a business. It had enough impact to compel me to learn it and become an implementer. 
    If you would like to learn more, you can find me at larsl@highcountrynw.com

    Excerpts from:  Wickman/Bouwer (2017) What the Heck is EOS?.Dallas,Texas: BenBella Books Inc.