• You Need It. We Have It: J. Stout Auctions

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    What service(s) does your business provide? 
    J.Stout Auctions (JSA) offers many services in addition to Live & Online Auctions. JSA also offers customers the ability to purchase equipment or other needed items prior to Auction via our state of the art web based (Buy-it Now) Platform. J.Stout Auctions also provides customers with additional asset management services such as consulting and appraisals. 

    Please provide some history as to how your company got started. 
    Jake Stout formed the business knowing that there was a better way to connect both buyers and sellers than the traditional live auction method. Jake teamed up with Ron Schultz to create an atmosphere for retail sales, timed online auctions, and live auctions to be brought together under one roof. It was always Jake's belief that this approach would significantly reduce customers expenses, return a higher return-on-investment, and establish a single-site for a variety of buying and selling needs. All this while still embracing the latest advancements in technology. 

    What are your company's core values? How are those applied in everyday operations? 
    It has always been JSA's commitment to deliver the highest achievable return for its customers assets in the most consumer-friendly environment possible. To do this effectively, JSA's staff must always deliver. We know that mistakes can happen, but it is important to remedy those mistakes, and make it right for the customer. JSA wants all our relationships to be long term relationships... that is our MAIN GOAL.

    What makes your business stand out among others like it? 
    JSA is unique in that there is not one regionally or local privately owned Auction Company that provides three key buying options (LIVE AUCTION, ONLINE AUCTION, BUY IT NOW) at one location in such an advanced innovative setting. 

    Are there any fun facts or quirks associated with your company that you would like to share with our readers? 
    Our Auctioneer Neil has a form of snoring in which he occasionally begins to auction off equipment in his sleep, occasionally startling his partner. Really... He can sell equipment in his sleep: He’s that good.

    Describe a project your company is proud to have completed. 
    J.Stout Auctions is a resource for many when it comes to buying & selling equipment. Lately JSA has become a resource for government entities. For example, JSA has recently launched a program for GOV to GOV Sales & Auctions of Emergency Vehicles and Equipment providing government a higher return-on-investment, while providing a used, low-cost option for potential government buyers. 

    If your business in one that is actively involved in the community please provide some desc of community work you have done. 
    J.Stout Auction supports many local organizations such as SWCA, NWUCA, APAO, LCCA, APWA, and other recognizable organizations. JSA contributes auction services to these organizations to assist in fundraising for scholarships, community involvement endeavors, and other activities at no charge. In addition, JSA has also assisted the Regions Boy Scouts and other local and regional programs for fundraising and charity events. 

    Why did your company decide to join the SWCA? How do you see us aiding in your business growth? 
    J.Stout Auctions joined SWCA to support the construction industry, and the Southwest Washington community. The SWCA has aided JSA in business growth through involvement in SWCA's many events and activities. 

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