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  • Monday Musings 12/02/2019

    Monday Musings 12/02/2019

    Howdy y’all! So here we are…it’s already December, and we’ve begun to mozy into the holiday season.  
    I hope to see you at the SWCA Holiday Party & Auction this Friday at the Hilton. If you haven’t yet signed up, there’s still time to get ‘er done at www.swca.org, but don’t be pokey.
    While we’re gonna have a great celebration, there’s still business yonder we need to keep an eye on.
    Mark your calendars: The next Clark County Surface Mining Advisory Forum will be held on Thursday, Dec. 19in room 680 over yonder at the Clark County Public Service Center. The meeting will begin at 6 pm and they expect it to be wrapped up at 7:30. The purpose of this meeting is to continue an ongoing conversation between the county, the neighbors and the businesses that are operating out of the Yacolt Mountain Quarry. At past meetings, the number of neighbors present has outnumbered us 10-1. We need y’all to be there to show your support for the industry.
    Topics on the agenda include a review of the EPA Site Sampling Report, which found that there was no presence of mordenite or erionite in the samples (https://www.clark.wa.gov/community-development/yacolt-mountain-quarry). Other topics on the agenda include discussing communications concerns and how to build and sustain trust between the businesses operating in the quarry and the general community. While the relationship has been sticky in the past, there is still an opportunity to improve communications among all involved.
    We all know that surface mining and local aggregate rock products are the bedrock of our local economy. If we are unable to source these products locally, we will be forced to pay higher prices to get necessary inputs into our construction projects and these costs will be passed on to the consumers. Trucking rock from afar into our projects will add unnecessary expenses to projects which can be avoided by using local rock products. While the Yacolt Mountain Quarry might be an immediate concern, we as a group also need to focus on the long-term supply of local mining in our community.
    We need your support at this meeting, so please plan to attend the meeting and speak in support of your fellow businesspeople operating at this location and transporting rock products around Clark County.