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    Interview with Mike Wagner, Markon Brand Design, Digital Strategist


    How long has your company been in business? What is its history or a fun fact?

    Markon has called Clark County home for over 40 years. In its current iteration as Markon Brand Design, the company just hit its 5 year anniversary this past February.


    How many employees does your company have?

    Three full-time employees.


    What services does your company provide?

    We provide a lot of services, but if we had to condense them into simple categories, we’d say we do branding, graphic design, web design, social media, and print management. There are a lot of other services that go into supporting those things as well since all of our work is done custom for each client, and to meet their varying needs.


    What makes your business stand out among others like it?

    At Markon you get access to our entire team and our expansive services. We really believe that a strong brand is the foundation to any communication or marketing project a company might take on. If we believe there are things that have to be taken care of before we can really take on the desired project, we’ll tell you. In short, that means we treat your whole brand, and always work to strengthen the value of your brand in the work that we do. Some people call it “holistic.” We just think it is the right thing to do.


    What do you like most about your job or company?

    No day, or project, is ever the same. It doesn’t matter how many logos we create, or websites, or social ads - whatever. Because every brand we work with is different, has different needs, goals, and audiences - not to mention just personalities in general - no project is the same. You get to work with different people and learn about why they went into a particular field, or founded their own business, and then help them create something that they can grow. It’s highly rewarding in that sense.


    Tell us about a recent or upcoming project/opportunity your company is excited about:

    We are getting ready to move from our soon to be former location in Orchards to a new office in downtown Vancouver. Moving downtown is really a success moment for Markon. Over the years we’ve had a lot of great clients who have come to us with projects that have fulfilled us creatively and intellectually, and as time has passed we’ve grown and now the time has come for a larger space downtown. We’ll be closer to a lot of our clients, colleagues, and collaborators and it’ll make for much easier days. Schlepping a laptop around downtown Vancouver from meeting to meeting is a lot in the pouring Pacific northwest rain!


    How did you first get involved with SWCA? How long has your company been a member?

    Naturally, as a Vancouver business we’ve been aware of the SWCA for a while now. About a year ago we actually did a project for the SWCA indirectly through WE Plan It. Fast forward a year and through that same connection plus a few others it was recommended that we join. It was an easy decision!


    Why did the company decide to join SWCA?

    We want to be connected to other companies that are moving the needle in Vancouver. The city and county are thriving right now. Part of what makes our community so exciting is all of the growth that is happening and it’s easy to see the power in a group like SWCA - any cool thing that is getting done or built in the county has some connection to SWCA members.


    Any other information about your company you would like to provide:

    We want the community to know that Markon is a resource. We can consult on communications and PR issues as much as we can provide a design service or a print product. We really understand - and even thrive - off the fact that our work is relational more than it is transactional, and so we want to have open dialogues with clients and potential clients because the better our relationship is the more effectively we can communicate on your behalf.


    Thank you Markon Brand Design for recognizing the value of the SWCA and joining our network of professionals/experts! Visit them at https://markonbrands.com/

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