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    Finding Your Next Employee: Holmberg Recruiting

    Interview with Kerrie Cloyd, Owner of Holmberg Recruiting 


    Holmberg Recruiting was established two years ago, but Kerrie Cloyd has developed expertise in recruiting over the course of her decade-long career. Kerrie’s recruiting firm offers an industry specific solution to hiring problems. Specializing in connecting employers to employees in construction, design build, engineering, architecture, real estate development, and manufacturing, Kerrie has noticed a common trend: “The industry is facing a project manager shortage. This position is in particularly high demand right now.” A trend too familiar to SWCA members as a booming industry faces large workforce shortages.  


    Holmberg Recruiting first joined the SWCA in January 2015, shortly after attending the SWCA Holiday Party & Auction. Kerrie stated that the reason she decided to join was to “expand into Vancouver, focus on Vancouver-based companies, and become more involved locally.” In fact, she takes pride on being based out of Vancouver, and providing a locally owned, industry specific recruiting service. She mentioned that most of her competitors are headquartered on the East Coast, which can cause logistical issues. “I can meet candidates and customers in-person. It’s more than finding a person that fits the position, it’s also about finding someone that fits the culture of the company.” She also noted that it’s exciting to hear about all the projects that companies are working on in the area, stating that it is an exciting time to be in Vancouver, especially with the waterfront development underway.


    In addition to owning Holmberg Recruiting and attending SWCA events, Kerrie is an ambassador for Shared Hope International. Shared Hope is an organization in Vancouver aimed at combating human trafficking. As an ambassador, Kerrie can give presentations to help raise awareness of suspicious activity to look out for and how to take preventative action. “I always thought human trafficking was a problem in other countries, but it is a real problem – it happens here!” To learn more about Shared Hope visit their website here. To learn more about Holmberg Recruiting, visit Kerrie’s website here


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