• SWCA Foundation Scholarship Application

    The Southwest Washington Contractors Association (SWCA) Foundation awards scholarships to those continuing education in construction-related industries, to SWCA members, their employees, the children of members/members’ employees, and others who are enrolling in postsecondary education. This scholarship is available to students entering or attending community colleges, vocational-technical schools, or 4-year colleges/universities. Any questions regarding this application may be directed to the SWCA's Executive Director at 360-694-7922. Paper applications can be found online at www.swca.org/scholarships. Application deadline is April 26, 4:00 pm.
    Application Packet
    You must submit the following five (5) items to complete your application packet:
    1. Scholarship Application form
    Please fill in all blanks completely, or mark with ‘N/A’ if not applicable. Applicant may be disqualified if blanks are left on application. Information is strictly confidential.
    2. Three letters of recommendation
    Letters should be from persons who will describe qualifications that make you a logical choice for one of the SWCA Foundation scholarships. At least two letters should be from people who interact with you in your professional life: Supervisors, co-workers, teachers, etc., and one letter should be from your SWCA affiliated contact (if applicable).
    3. An unofficial copy of your academic transcripts
    Should include grade point average from the (a) last two semesters, (b) last three quarters, or (c) a copy of your most recent transcripts.
    4. Personal essay
    Should be typed, double spaced, font size 12, Times New Roman.
    5. Recent photo of applicant
    For publication of recipients. Your photo can be returned if desired.
    Additional Requirements
    In order to connect scholarship funds with individuals who are community-minded, we require all recipients to complete fifteen hours of volunteer work through the Southwest Washington Contractors Association when available. Volunteers are needed for the SWCA Holiday Party & Auction on December 6, 2019. Please indicate on your application if you can volunteer for this event. For students outside the area, proof of volunteer activity should be provided upon application.
    Application Deadline
    All application packets must be received by April 30th, 2019. The SWCA Foundation Scholarship Committee will select recipients in the month of May. All applicants will be notified of their final status. The finalist may be asked to participate in an interview with the scholarship committee prior to the committee’s awarding of the scholarships.
    Evaluation Criteria
    Applications will be judged according to the following criteria: (a) Academic Record (b) Work Experience (c) Community Service/School Activities/Extra Curricular Activities/Awards (d) Letters of Recommendation (e) Presentation of Application/Essay (f) Related to construction
    Distribution of Scholarship Funds
    Checks will be sent directly to the institution. Checks may be issued to the applicant upon verification of enrollment. If checks are issued directly to the student, the student must provide the SWCA with a receipt for educational expenses that were covered by the scholarship.
    Application Packet
    Personal Information
    Name Block - Simple
    Address Block - US
    School Information
    School Address
    Are you currently enrolled in post secondary education?
    Current class status:
    Please upload additional information as necessary. Include High school and/or college names and graduation dates.
    Employment History
    List your last two employers (present to previous)
    Address of current (or most recent) employer
    Second employer address (if applicable)
    Community Service/School Activities/Athletics
    Please list three and upload any additional information.
    Financial Assistance
    Have you been awarded financial assistance for your upcoming school year from any other source?
    In the space below, please explain why you are applying for this scholarship. Please note that receiving funds from other sources will not preclude award of this scholarship.
    Letters of Recommendation
    Please attach three Letters of Recommendation submitted on your behalf that include the following information: (a) How long have you known applicant? (b) What is your relationship to applicant? (c) Why are you recommending applicant for this scholarship? (Letters should be typed, double spaced, font size 12, Times New Roman).
    (maximum of 8 MG file size)
    (maximum of 8 MG file size)
    (maximum of 8 MG file size)
    Personal Essay
    Please upload a two-page essay about yourself and include the following information: (a) Short background summary of your personal life including what role you play in your family, your interests, and accomplishments. (b) Statement of your career goals including your field of study, why you selected this field, and what you hope to achieve by pursuing additional education. (Essays should be typed, double spaced, font size 12, Times New Roman).
    (maximum of 8 MG file size)
    This field is not required. Maximum of 8 MG file size.
    This field is not required. Maximum of 8 MG file size.
    Questions? Problems submitting application?
    Hard copy applications are available by emailing info@swca.org or calling 360-694-7922. If you have issues submitting, please use the info@swca.org to submit your application and call us to let us know of the difficulty.
    Thank you for submitting!