• 5 Days of Safety Stand-Down Ideas from WA LNI:

    DAY 1 - Check for ladder safety issues: Have your competent person walk through the jobsite to check for ladder selection, set up, and use issues and successes. You may want to repeat this at the end of the week to see what's changed.

    DAY 2 - Get rid of bad ladders! Have your competent person find, remove and replace all damaged ladders on the jobsite, or teach crews how to do this.

    DAY 3 - End short cuts! Share and discuss a brief video or handout during a crew meeting to get crews thinking about how short cuts aren’t worth the real-life impacts that falls from ladders can have on project deadlines, careers, longterm health and families.

    Day 4 - Show what’s right! Use a hands-on demonstration or show a video to teach the basics of ladder safety during a crew safety meeting.

    DAY 5 - Encourage participation! Have crews practice spotting ladder hazards and finding solutions.



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