• SWCA Health Insurance Plan

  • The SWCA Health Insurance Plan provides the best medical, dental, vision, and life insurance options at an affordable price to contractors living and working in Southwest Washington. Whether you are already a member or considering joining the SWCA, our health insurance options can save you money while providing excellent benefits. 

    Finding a health insurance plan that allows you to visit your preferred provider can be difficult. With the SWCA Health Insurance Plan, you and your employees have the option of visiting any provider or maintain your current relationship with your primary physician. 

    For many groups already with Kaiser Permanente, moving to the SWCA Kaiser Plan has provided tremendous savings and no premium increases over the last 3 years. 

    Ease the administrative burden of providing health coverage to your employeesThe SWCA Health Insurance Plan is accompanied by useful compliance resources for FREE, including COBRA and wrap documents as well as 1095 reporting. 

    Get a free, no obligation Health Insurance quote. Get a free, no obligation Health Insurance quote. Fill out the SWCA Employer Smart Census and send to Jaime Gallagher (jaime@whatif-usa.com) at What-If insurance

    Product Lines:
    Kaiser Permanente Medical, Rx, Dental, Vision, and Alternative Care
    PacificSource Medical, Rx, Dental, Vision, and Alternative Care
    Colonial Voluntary STD, Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Medical Bridge, and Life

    Services Provided:
    Premium Holiday on groups that enroll 26 or more employees with most of our medical offerings
    Split carrier (HMO and PPO) offerings when groups are 50 and over with no minimum for each carrier or re-rating
    Cafeteria 125 plan for pre-tax deductions
    COBRA services and administration
    Prevailing Wage Fringe management
    24/7 Online Benefit Administration "SIMON" 
    Defined Contribution Benefit Administration
    Group Voluntary with no minimums and guaranteed 

    Additional Services:
    HSA, HRA Full Service
    125 Pre-tax and Full Flex Services
    Fringe Benefit Group Retirement and Investment Services
    Compliance Dashboard
    Multiple plans available for every employee through our group plan
    Life Balance card
    Wellness plans from each carrier