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We caught up with Vadim Kovalev and Tony Kuypers of Kovalev Films over Zoom this week. While the SWCA team is still working remotely from satellite offices around Clark County due to COVID-19, we were able to have a great conversation about one of our newest members – Kovalev Films – via Zoom. Check out the conversation below to learn more about Kovalev Films.

What is your company name?
Precision Design and Services LLC doing business as Kovalev Films. Check out their website at to view the entire suite of services that they offer.

What does your company do for its business?
While Kovalev originally started out as a company that creates great film content for different brands, they are currently broadening their reach to focus on all types of digital content to visualize and communicate a company’s brand. Kovalev is most excited to be focusing solely on the industrial and commercial construction industry and its supporting products and services.

How long have you been in SW Washington?
Kovalev Films has been registered as a company since 2017. Vadim has more than 12 years of video production experience and Tony brings more than 20 years of experience doing strategy and branding in the marketing agency world. Their entire team of more than 10 people provides deep skills that can help you to develop and promote your brand digitally – from business strategy, to writing, to digital production and delivery.
What do your customers like about your company? (Why do they do business with you?)

Vadim describes his business as “Digital Storytelling.” His work has always been characterized by its “high quality and attention to detail.” In building his company and his client base, Vadim has focused on developing the personal, long term relationships necessary to allow his company to successfully execute for their clients. He started doing film production in the sawmill industry and has been able translate this process knowledge to apply it to the commercial and industrial construction industry.

How long have you been a member of SWCA?
Kovalev Films has been a member of SWCA only since July 2020, but they have many connections already established with SWCA members. They have known about us for over a year and have been waiting for the right time to join our membership.

Why did you join SWCA?
Vadim joined SWCA to develop relationships with the commercial and industrial construction industry in Southwest Washington. He wants to help our members to use his technology and skills to tell a compelling story about their businesses.

How did you find out about SWCA?
Vadim first learned about SWCA through Jeannet Santiago of PTAC. He met with her in downtown Vancouver and then again when she moved into the SWCA office in Hazel Dell. He had a chance to have lunch with Nelson and Gina at the Panera Bread last summer. This summer, he finally decided to cement the relationship with SWCA and join our membership.

What reservations did you have about joining SWCA?
Vadim has “no reservations” about joining SWCA. He wants to connect with our members and begin to develop long term relationships – as he has already done with a few of our members. For Vadim, good business is built on strong interpersonal relationships.

If SWCA could do one thing for you, what would it be?
Vadim is focused building relationships – he wants to connect with clients in the construction industry to help them to tell their story at the next level. We look forward to a future webinar where Vadim and his team can explore some of the challenges that companies can tackle with a digital marketing strategy.

What is your favorite thing about SWCA?
Vadim loved how approachable everyone at SWCA is. He has been able to connect with Nelson and Gina to explore different ways that SWCA can work with Kovalev Films to connect with our local construction industry. But Kovalev has a broader reach than SW Washington. They have done work across the United States and Canada – and Kovalev is currently working with a company in New Zealand to develop their branding strategies. Their heart lies in helping construction companies to develop and tell their own digital stories.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Vadim and Tony. We are looking forward to ways that we can partner to help to deepen your connections to the SWCA community! Look for our upcoming news release about a webinar featuring Vadim and a few of the folks at Kovalev Films.