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    Membership: Responsible for membership recruitment and retention strategy. The committee follow up calls/visits to new members, making the new members feel welcome and checking in with members periodically throughout the year in addition to being informed regarding all matters concerning membership.


    Commercial/Industrial Construction Cooperative: Monitors legislative issues at the city and county levels, and develops association policies and action plans regarding those issues. Committee members work in conjunction with local government and stakeholder groups to build a construction-friendly business environment. The committee is also responsible for improving communication between between industry stakeholders and local governments, providing updates to the SWCA, and discussing issues of interest within the commercial/industrial segment of the construction industry. 

    Four meetings each year. Please check our calendar for exact dates and times. Contact Andrea Smith to express interest. 


    Plan Center: Responsible for keeping the plan center updated, with the latest technology and equipment as budgets permit. The committee will ensure that all areas relating to the day-to-day operations, web site, facilities and equipment used by the organization are up-to-date and functional.


    Marketing: Responsible for promoting SWCA to the members and the extended community as the premier commercial and industrial contractors association. 


    Education: Responsible for coordinating membership education activities, safety classes and certifications. 


    Events: Responsible for coordinating SWCA's annual events. 


    Auction Sub-Committee: Responsibilities of the Auction Planning Committee include: Procuring items, soliciting sponsors, recruiting volunteers, promoting the auction, and brainstorming additional ideas.


    Contact Marena Rozmaity if you're interested in joining a committee.