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The SWCA Foundation is proud to award scholarships to qualified applicants, including those pursuing education related to the building and construction industries.

The SWCA Foundation invests in future community leaders by offering financial assistance to students through funds raised by the generous donations of members.  These awards are available to association members' employees, their children, and others who are enrolling in full-time secondary education.

Students who utilize the SWCA Foundation Scholarship Program include those seeking technical training, leadership skills, and a wide range of degrees from various colleges.

SWCA Foundation

Scholarship Recipients 2021

  1. Stephanie Dakin
  2. Caleb Geurden
  3. Paige Horton
  4. Brieanna Jeibmann
  5. Tyler Kleinsasser
  6. Abigail Malone
  7. Lorena Ware
  8. Rachael Werbowski