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Online Plan Center


Our Online Plan Center is one of the many services we are proud to offer to SWCA members. We operate a non-profit plans center on a cooperative basis. Plans Online is the latest in project distribution, collaboration, and bid solicitation. Updates are automatically generated and sent to relevant parties through this platform. Having a central location for projects helps you save time and money as we provide bid documents for projects within the geographic interest of our members.

Contact us for free trial access to this valuable resource. 

Logging into SWCA Projects in PipelineSuite


  1. Access current projects bidding by clicking ABOVE LINK. Once in the plan room, click on “ALL PROJECTS” to view the list of current projects bidding.
  2. To search for a project, hold down “CTRL F” (on a PC) “command F” (on a MAC) on your keyboard and type the name of the project you are looking for. You can also sort by the name of the projects or the Bid Due date.
  3. If you’d like to be notified with addenda, project updates and bid results, you must give a response YES to each project listed.

How to Bookmark your login page:

  • Safari: Right-Click “View Online Planroom Portal” > Click add Link to Bookmarks
  • Chrome:  Right Click “View Online Planroom Portal” > Click “Copy Link Address” > Click Bookmark > Bookmark Manager > Click the three vertical dots on the top right of the screen > Click “Add new bookmark” and right click and paste the link address you copied earlier in the URL field.
  • FirefoxRight-Click “View Online Planroom Portal” > Click “Bookmark This Link”

Private Plan Center

-SWCA 20% member discount
-Quickly send invitations to bid, notices, change orders, and automatic bid reminders.

-Edit sub info on screen. Your data stays private - you own your data

-Track all email activity and sub responses from your plan room

-See when subs opened your email, viewed the plan room, etc. -High response rate (subs never have to sign-up or login to access your Plan Room)
-ITBs come from your own email address not from another email domain

Ask us about a free trial and utilizing a private plan center!

Questions or to submit a job:


Call us at (360) 694-7922.